Pablo's research and teaching areas Ucanca Valley and the Teide in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Courses on bioinformatics, molecular phylogenetics, and evolution taught and organized by Pablo Vinuesa

On this page you will find information on the courses I teach on the topics listed above. Since I live and work in Mexico, most of them are taught in Spanish. Follow the corresponding links to have detailed information on the contents of these courses and get access to some of the accompanying materials.

new course: Taller Latinoamericano de Evolución Molecular, January 2011, CCG-UNAM, Cuernavaca The latest course I'm organizing is the Latin American Workshop on Molecular Evolution 2011 (Taller Latinoamericano de Evolución Molecular 2011), running from January 17th through January 28th, 2011. This workshop is intended for PhD studentes and (post-doc) researchers.

Course on molecular phylogenetics taught at the LCG-UNAM, June07      David Posada teaching his course on model selction at CCG-UNAM, June 07      Group picture of the summer coureses on molecular phylogenetics and evolution UNAM-UAEM, June 2007

Two views of the practical sessions of the summer courses on molecular phylogenetics and evolution UNAM-UAEM 2007 and a group picture of the participants. The courses and workshops were taught at the LCG-UNAM, CCG-UNAM and Facultad de Biología - UAEM on 9-11 June 2007 and were closed with a magistral conference by Dr. David Posada (central picture) on "Modelos de reemplazamiento y evolución del código genético mitocondrial". Detailed information, including course material for downloading can be found on the link above. A picture gallery of the event can be viewed here.

These courses got generous financial support from the Society of Systematic Biologists and the CCG-UNAM.
I do regularly teach courses on these topics to undergraduate students of the Licenciatura en Ciencias Genómicas (Genomic Sciences Bachellor) at UNAM, as well as for graduate students in the Programa de Doctorado en Ciencias Biomédicas from the UNAM. I've also organized the first summer courese on molecular phylogenetics and evolution (see pictures above)
  1. Course on Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution - Biolgía Genómica y Evolución IV (BGE-IV
  2. Introduction to molecular phylogenetics - Introducción a la filogenética molecular (Spanish version only; download PDF)
  3. Summer course on molecular phylogenetics and evolution UNAM-UAEM, June 2007 (see picture above)
I have also taught on this topics in other Mexican Universities and Institutions (INECOL de Xalapa, Ver., Fac. de Biología UAEM, Instituto de Biotecnología UAEM, Fac. de Medicina Univ. Aut. B. Juárez de Oaxaca ...) and internationally (Universidad de Puerto Rico).

To get access to some of the material presented in those courses navigate to the page on Tutoriales y cursos de bioinformática y filogenética (only Spanish versions currently available).
I have taught several courses on these topics at the UNAM and at other institutions, like the ICGEB/UNU-BIOLAC "Theoretical Course held in Pátzcuaro, Mi, México October 8-14 2006.
  1. Genomics, molecular markers and our perception of bacterial species 
  2. Phylogenomics and the identification of highly informative molecular markers for microbial molecular ecology and systematics