Pablo Vinuesa Fleischmann

Ingeniería Genómica Investigador

Inv. Tit. B T.C. Definitivo


I’m a microbiologist interested in host-microbe interactions and microbial ecology, with a strong focus on comparative and evolutionary genomics. In general terms, research in my group aims to learn how niche specialization, including host adaptation, drives speciation in selected alpha- and gamma-Proteobacteria. I develop open-source software tools for microbial pan-genomics and phylogenomics, which are freely available at I’m also actively involved in teaching phylogenomics @LCG and diverse posgraduate programs @UNAM and abroad.

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Current research
Our current work focuses on elucidating the roles and contributions of mobile genetic elements, efflux pumps, resistance genes, secretion systems and the exoproteins they secrete in the emergence of opportunistic pathogenic strains of diverse alpha- (Rhizobiales) and gamma-Proteobacteria (particularly Salmonella and Stenotrophomonas).

We use comparative and functional genomics approaches to elucidate the evolutionary processes and molecular mechanisms underlying the origin of these opportunistic pathogens and their adaptation to anthropogenized habitats. We develop open-source software for these tasks, mainly GET_HOMOLOGUES and GET_PHYLOMARKERS, which are freely available at

Current funding
Research in Vinuesa’s lab is currently (2018) funded by CONACyT and PAPIIT grants.
The Salmonella work is performed in the frame of a large CONACyT – Fronteras de la Ciencia grant (FC-2105-2-879) entitled “Descubriendo el impacto del genoma accesorio en la evolución de cepas atípicas de Salmonella Typhimurium causantes de infecciones sistémicas en México”, together with Drs. Edmundo Calva, José Luis Puente and Claudia Silva from the Institute of Biotechnology (IBT-UNAM).
The Stenotrophomonas work is funded by DGAPA-PAIIT/UNAM grant (IN206318) entitled: “Predicción genómica y análisis funcional de determinantes de resistencia y virulencia en Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, un patógeno oportunista emergente”.

Group and Publications
Please visit to meet our group members and for an updated list of publications.

Current group members
Claudia Torres (posdoctoral researcher with a DGAPA-UNAM fellowship, September 2018-1 ->)
Claudia works on “comparative and functional genomics of Type II Secretion Systems in Stenotrophomonas
Daniel Cazares (PhD student; PDCB-UNAM, August 2016-1 ->).
Daniel works on: “Isolation and genomic characterization of polyvalent phages from environmental matrices and Proteobacterial isolates”.
Perla Tinoco Carrillo (PhD student; PDCB-UNAM, February 2014-1 ->).
She works on: “Diversity and resistance profiles of multidrug-resistant Proteobacteria inhabiting soils of Morelos, Mexico”.
Luz Edith Ochoa Sánchez (PhD student; PDCB-UNAM, August 2013-1 ->). She works on: “Phylogenetic and phenotypic characterization of multidrug-resistant Proteobacteria recovered from Mexican rivers with contrasting contamination levels.”

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Teléfono: (777) 3175867


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