Víctor Manuel González Zúñiga

Evolutionary Genomics Researcher

Associate Professor

Academic history

He was born in Poza Rica, Veracruz, and studied Biology at the Universidad Veracruzana. His Diploma thesis work, supervised by Dr. Rafael Palacios, was done in the Centro de Investigación Sobre Fijación de Nitrógeno (CIFN-UNAM). The thesis was about the characterization of repeated DNA sequences and genomic rearrangements in Rhizobium. Soon afterwards he obtained his Master Degree in Biomedical Sciences at CIFN-UNAM, under the guidance of Dr. Esperanza Martínez, with a work related to the conservation of plasmid DNA sequences in R. etli. He spent some years as a researcher in the Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, contributing to understanding the frequency of mutations conferring fluoroquinolone resistance to Salmonella. His Doctoral studies were done at the Instituto de Biotecnología-UNAM, under the direction of Dr. Enrique Morett and Dr. Xavier Soberón. This work put forward the importance of specific amino acids for the recognition between nifA and the RNA pol-s54 holoenzyme. He came back to CIFN-UNAM as a researcher and directed the group that achieved the first complete genome of an organism, Rhizobium etli, done in México. Currently, he is interested in the bacteria and phage interactions at the community level. His research group uses genomic approaches in the frame of the evolution theory to study the ecology and genetics of bacteria and phage populations. Moreover, he collaborates with distinct research groups in the comparative genomic analysis of pathogenic and biotechnological relevant bacteria.



Telephone: (777) 3133881
Email: vgonzal@ccg.unam.mx


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