Synthetic Biology

In our program we address diverse biological questions through the scales (molecules, cells, communities) using different disciplines such as systems biology, bioinformatics, functional genomics, biochemistry, ecology, molecular biology among others. We aim to study how biological systems evolve and how we can modify them to generate synthetic biology applications.

One of our current topics is to study bacterial populations’ ecological and evolutionary dynamics and their response to different environmental conditions. In particular, we are interested in studying the effect of antimicrobial substances on the complex dynamics of bacterial populations. We build synthetic communities and study their interactions using experimental evolution techniques and mathematical, computational models, and individual cell microfluidics.

Current research shows that proteins can start to fold and become functional while still being synthesized by the ribosome. In our lab we apply state of the art methods of homology detection, algorithms to detect rare codons and folding predictions to uncover the impact of the ribosome in the structure of the proteome. In our experimental strategies we use one of the most successful developments of synthetic biology: a cell free protein expression system. With this system we produce proteins in carefully determined environments without the restrictions that living cells impose; this allows us to precisely control the elements that influence protein folding during translation.

Another of our research topics include the use of functional genomics to understand and design microbial production strains. We are interested in the generation of genome scale computational tools to aid in the design of synthetic production phenotypes through the modification of the genotype-phenotype relationship ( i.e. through the regulatory network). We aim to engineer the transcriptional and translational machineries of model and non model bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and pseudomonas chlororaphis, to improve the allocation of cellular resources to synthetic functions.

We are a mix of young bioinformaticians and experimentalists, this setup provides the perfect blend for successful projects. In our lab we encourage creativity, innovation and critical thinking in a relaxed environment to promote the development of young bachelor, master, doctoral students and postdocs.

Group Staff

José Utrilla CarreriResearcherAssociate 3291686
Ayari Fuentes HernándezResearcherAssociate 3291686
José Arcadio Farías RicoResearcherAssistant 3291686
Omar Alejandro Aguilar VeraLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3139944
María Soledad Juárez RamírezSupport 3133881

Group Publications

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