Maria Gabriela Guerrero Ruiz

Unidad de Análisis Bioinformáticos Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technician

Academic history

She studied Computer Engineering at the Universidad del Sol in Cuernavaca, Morelos. In 1992, she joined the Functional Genomics Program of Procariotes as administrator of systems and networks of the CIFN. In 2001 she ventured into the area of bioinformatics, developing applications in the programming language perl in the UNIX operating system and performing DNA and protein sequence analysis that allowed the study of the bacterial organisms of interest within the Program. The main line of work he developed was the Comparative Genomics of alpha-proteobacteria, specifically within the Rhizobiaceas group.
Since 2014 she belongs to the Bioinformatics Analysis Unit (UAB) of the CCG, which has allowed her to interact with different research groups in projects with prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms in genomic assemblies, orthology analysis, generation of graphics and annotation of genomes.



Telephone: (777) 3139944


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