Jesús Montiel González

Functional Genomics of Eukaryotes Researcher

Assistant Professor

Academic history

Jesús Montiel is a biologist graduated from Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. Since his graduate studies have covered diverse angles of the legume-Rhizobia relationship in prestigious research institutes. This symbiotic association leads to biological nitrogen fixation, an essential mechanism to achieve sustainable agriculture. During his Master and PhD degrees at the Institute of Biotechnology (UNAM), studied the early signaling events in the Phaseolus vulgarisRhizobium symbiosis, and was awarded the Alfonso Caso medal for his performance in the PhD program. As a postdoctoral researcher, analyzed symbiotic peptides with antimicrobial activity and metalo-proteins in the model legume Medicago truncatula and closely related species, both at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He joined the group headed by Prof. Jens Stougaard at Aarhus University, in 2018, where contributed to develop a novel working model to unveil the molecular components in the ancient and poorly explored intercellular symbiotic infection, using the model legume Lotus japonicus (Lotus).

Since March 2022, Jesús Montiel joined the program Functional Genomics of Eukaryotes at the Centre for Genomic Sciences, developing different research lines to elucidate the molecular components employed by legume roots to facilitate the colonization of symbiotic microorganisms. The different projects involve the characterization of legume genes (Lotus or common bean) involved in various biological processes such as cell-wall remodelling proteins, transcriptional regulators, among others… For this purpose, plant molecular biology, bioinformatics, and microscopy techniques (optical and confocal) are used in homozygous mutants affected in genes-of-interest. These projects are carried out in coordination with different collaborators from national and foreign research centres.


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Año Publicación PMID
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