Genomic Microbiology

The Genomic Microbiology Program studies different aspects of microbial physiology, particularly inter- and intra-species interactions and microbial interactions with hosts and predators. These areas of study are developed by three research groups, that use evolutionary, ecological and molecular approaches with a genomic perspective.

One line of research led by Dr. Eria Rebollar studies the amphibian microbiome and its relationship with predisposition or tolerance to fungal diseases. The group led by Dr. Lourdes Girard uses symbiotic nitrogen fixation as a study model to identify and characterize novel transcriptional regulators in bacteria. Dr. Zamorano´s group investigate the collective behaviors that confer adaptive advantages to pathogenic bacteria of the genus Vibrio.

In the Genomic Microbiology program, we prioritize a respectful and inclusive environment in which collaboration is promoted, and creativity and critical thinking are stimulated as crucial elements in the training of students at all levels.

Académicos del Grupo

Group Staff

María de Lourdes Girard CuesyResearcherAssociate 3291777 Ext. 38492
Eria Rebollar CaudilloResearcherAssistant 3291777 Ext. 38489
David Salvador Zamorano SánchezResearcherAssistant 3291777 Ext. 38487
María de la Paz Elizabeth Salas OcampoLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3291777
Marisa Rodríguez PadillaLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3291777
María Magdalena Banda HernándezPostdoctoral 3291777


Group Publications

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