Functional Genomics of Prokaryotes

Dr. Michael Dunn´s group. Carbon and nitrogen metabolism of Rhizobia, specially the biochemical characterization of anaplerotic enzymes from the tricarboxylic acids cycle, such as Pyruvate carboxylase, Pyruvate dehydrogenase and Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase.

Dr. Sergio Encarnación´s group. This group was pioneer in the field of proteomics in Mexico and Latin America. This tool has been used to characterize the metabolism of several strains of Rhizobia, in free living and in symbiosis with legumes; as also in the formation of biofilms and in stress.

Dr. Jaime Mora´s group. The carbon and nitrogen metabolism of Rhizobia, the physiological characterization of growth and the requirement of the vitamins biotin and thiamine, the sensing of metabolites (extra or intracellular) by the receptor tar and its influence on growth. Also, study of genomics and evolution.

Group Staff

Jaime Mora CelisResearcherEmeritus 3291687
Sergio Manuel Encarnación GuevaraResearcherFull 3291899
Michael Frederick Dunn ResearcherAssociate 120 4773
Omar Alejandro Aguilar VeraLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3139944
Sandra Contreras MartínezLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3114662
Rafael Díaz MendezLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3139944
Magdalena Hernández OrtizLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3139944
Humberto Peralta DíazLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3290865
María del Carmen Vargas LagunasLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3139944
Hermenegildo Taboada CastroLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 376 0882
Oliver Castillo QuevedoSupport 3291687
Ángel Gabriel Martínez BatallarSupport 3139944
Alma Ruth Reyes GonzálezLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory 3291687
Víctor Manuel Chávez JacoboPostdoctoral 3139944

Group Publications

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