Evolutionary Genomics

The Evolutionary Genomics Program (EGP) integrates diverse genomic approaches to understand the evolutionary processes that drive the diversification of bacteria. The first major center of interest in the EGP is to study the mechanisms that generate genomic changes and the forces of evolution that shape this variation. The second focus of the EGP is to understand how bacterial populations disperse over time and space (phylogeography). Our long-term goals are to decipher both the specific molecular mechanisms that produce genetic variation and the evolutionary and ecological drivers that determine the phylogeography of bacterial species. Some of the work done in EGP focus on the human bacterial pathogens Acinetobacter baumannii and Staphylococcus aureus – nosocomial pathogens of paramount importance for public health. These projects are in close collaboration with clinical microbiologists and medical doctors. Additionally, some other part of the work concentrates on the agriculturally important plant symbiont species from the genus Rhizobium and their bacteriophages. The research conducted at the EGP is heavily dependent on advanced genomic technologies and bioinformatics.

Group Staff

Miguel Ángel Carlos Cevallos GaosResearcherFull Professormac@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3114663
Víctor Manuel González ZúñigaResearcherAssociate Professorvgonzal@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3133881
Santiago Castillo RamírezResearcherAssociate Professoriago@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3133881
Rosa Isela Santamaria GutiérrezLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory Technicianrosa@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3133881
Virginia Patricia Bustos ArcosLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory Technicianpaty@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3133881
María de los Angeles Pérez OsegueraLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory Technicianaperez@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3133881
Irma Martínez FloresLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory Technicianimartflo@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3291690
José Espíritu SalazarSupport staffUNAMspirit@ccg.unam.mx(777) 3291690

Group Publications

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