Damien Jean-Rene Formey de Saint Louvent

Functional Genomics of Eukaryotes Researcher

Assistant Professor

Academic history

Dr. Damien Formey studied biology at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD, France). He has specialized in genomics and evolution during his Master Degree at the Plant Genome and Development Laboratory (LGDP – UPVD / CNRS, France) in the group of Pr. Olivier Panaud. On this occasion, he received the University Merit Scholarship (Distinction from the French Ministry for Research and Higher education). In 2012, as a CIFRE fellow of the French National Agency for Research and Technology (ANRT), he completed his doctorate about plant-microorganism interaction genomics at the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier (France), in the Plant Research Laboratory (LRSV – UT3 / CNRS, France) in collaboration with the Agronutrition company, under the supervision of Pr. Christophe Roux. Thanks to a DGAPA fellowship from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), he did a postdoctoral work on the small RNAs involved in the regulation of the nodulation process at the Center for Genomic Sciences (CCG), in the group of Pr. Georgina Hernandez. Late 2016, he started his own research group as a Research Associate (C) in the same center.

Actually, the main research line of Dr. Damien Formey is the characterization and evolution of the small RNAs involved in the plant-microbe interactions. Using the Phaseolus vulgaris / Rhizobium interaction model, the project focuses on the microRNAs and phasiRNAs regulating the symbiotic nitrogen fixation, from the diffusible factors exchange to the senescence of the symbiotic organs called nodules. Many of these small RNAs are common bean-specific and provide new insights into the co-evolution between the bacteria and their host. The variety of Phaseolus vulgaris genotypes is estimated at several tens of thousands widespread around the world. This pool of common beans represents a powerful tool to investigate the small RNA variability at an intra-specie scale and the influence of these variations on the establishment of symbiotic nitrogen fixation.


Thomson Reuters ResearcherID

Telephone: (777) 3115164
Email: formey@ccg.unam.mx


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Publications from former affiliations

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