Ayari Fuentes Hernández

Synthetic Biology Researcher

Associate Professor

Academic history

Ayari Fuentes Hernández was born in Mexico City. She obtained an undergraduate degree in Physics from UNAM and a PhD in Mathematical Biology from the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London and the Department of Biology, University of Bath. The objective of her PhD project was to use mathematical models to study cooperative behaviour in microbial populations. Ayari did an academic visit to the Laboratory of Experimental Evolution at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and did a postdoc in Biosciences, University of Exeter, working in an interdisciplinary project whose objective was to evaluate antibiotic sequential treatments in the evolution of drug resistance. Since 2014 she is an Assistant Professor in Systems and Synthetic Biology at the Center for Genomics Sciences UNAM. Her lab combines mathematical modelling with experimental evolution to study the effect of temporal and spatial structure in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of bacterial populations.



Telephone: (777) 3291686
Email: ayarifh@ccg.unam.mx


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