About CCG

The Center for Genome Sciences (CCG in Spanish) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM in Spanish) is located in Cuernavaca, Morelos and is part of the Campus Morelos of the UNAM. The CCG has its origins in the Research Center on Nitrogen Fixation (CIFN in Spanish) whose facilities were inaugurated in 1981. At the end of 2004 with the purpose of promoting research in genome sciences and reinforcing the use of genomic tools, our research center changed its name to CCG (for more information see “Our history”).

The genome sciences (also called genomics) are the set of sciences and techniques dedicated to the comprehensive study of the functioning, content, evolution and origin of genomes. Knowledge derived from molecular biology, biochemistry, computer science, statistics, mathematics, and physics, among others, is used. The development of genomics has contributed to the advance of different fields of science examples being medicine, agriculture, forensic science, and the evolutionary history of living beings including that of man. The knowledge and understanding of genomes also allow for future applications such as synthetic biology or the editing of genomes.

At the Center for Genome Sciences, we study different aspects of bacterial genomics, plant genomics and the genomics of animals and humans. Recently, new lines of research in systems biology, synthetic biology and natural language processing were also initiated. In the same way, we carry out research in molecular biology of the interactions between microbes and plants, as well as in ecology and microbial evolution, applied agriculture and some aspects of microbial physiology.

In the CCG we have a very strong commitment to the education and teaching of genome sciences, molecular biology and biochemistry. Together with the Institute of Biotechnology of the UNAM the CCG is responsible for the bachelor program in Genome Sciences (LCG in Spanish) which is taught in Cuernavaca since 2003. In addition, at postgraduate level we are participating in the PhD program in Biomedical Sciences of the UNAM. Thus, the CCG contributes in an important way in the training of experts in genome sciences and in the development of genome sciences in the UNAM and in the country.


Our history



Perform scientific and technological research at the frontier in Genome Sciences, train students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, form experts in Genome Sciences and contribute to the development of this strategic subdiscipline in the UNAM and in Mexico.



  • Contribute to the advancement and development of Genome Sciences within Mexico and abroad.
  • Train qualified experts in the subdiscipline, being one of the entities responsible for the Bachelor in Genome Sciences.
  • Train PhD students for research in Genome Sciences.
  • Organize research and teaching based on principles of ethics and academic collaboration.


Cuernavaca is the capital of the state of Morelos, Mexico. It is located 45 minutes from Mexico City (one hour and a half from the Benito Juarez International Airport) taking the Mexico-Acapulco highway. Cuernavaca is known as “The city of eternal spring” due to its temperate climate with an annual average of 20 ° C.

It is a modern tropical city that houses some twenty scientific research institutes, including seventeen universities as well as research centers and institutes of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).





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