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Adjunct Research Professor

Dr. Julio Collado, researcher of the program for Computational Genomics of the Center for Genome Sciences (CCG) of the UNAM was appointed “Adjunct Research Professor” of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Boston University, Massachusetts, USA for the period of August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019.

Chronicle of a Week in the CCG

I'm at the highest point of the CCG. Which means that I'm in one of the highest points in all of Cuernavaca. From here I can see several of the ravines that give shape to the capital of Morelos, as well as the valley in the background and the roads that...

The Lizards that Ohno Predicted

Susumo Ohno had three great loves. The first was the horses. It was a childhood love that accompanied him all his life. And this love would take him -calling- to his next two loves. The second love was his wife Midori Aoyama. Together they cared for and...

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Scientific Research and Education

Research Programs

At present, we have deciphered the DNA sequence of hundreds of species, including humans. However, we still do not know the genetic basis of the interactions between organisms, their levels of regulation and the relationship with the environment.

In order to achieve these goals, in the Center for Genome Sciences (CCG in Spanish) we study multiple microorganisms, plants and animals within a highly collaborative and creative environment, working in teams that combine biology, chemistry, mathematics, computing and engineering.

The CCG includes the following Programs and Laboratories:

PhD program

The Center for Genome Sciences (CCG in Spanish) houses the renowned Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences (PDCB in Spanish) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM in Spanish).

We are 23 researchers accredited as tutors in the PDCB with cutting-edge work in novel and transcendental areas of genomics such as the evolution of pathogenicity, the origin of symbiotic relationships, the antibiotics resistance, the epigenetic landscapes, the genomics of the sexuality, the genetic regulation in plants, etc.

Those interested in doing a PhD within the framework of the Genome Science, we invite you to explore this site to know further details about the PDCB program, our research teams, our most recent scientific publications, the latest successful PhD dissertations and the extracurricular activities that we organize in the GCC.

Undergraduate program

Genome science have an increasingly important impact in the prevention and treatment of diseases, the bioremediation of polluted ecosystems, improvements in agriculture, the ancestry of human populations, etc.

In consequence, the Undergraduate Program in Genome Science (LCG in Spanish) is committed to the training of young scientists who are capable of excelling in the different areas of genomics and who can help the country overcome its lags and achieve its goals.

For 15 years, the LCG has worked with a handful of students per generation, providing them with the best academic conditions in the classrooms and laboratories.



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