Diversity of symbionts of two contrasting Phaseolus vulgaris cultivars

Participants: Aline López, Marco Antonio Rogel, Esperanza Martínez, Roseline Remans.

VLIR ( Belgium ) supported project. After N, P is the most limiting macronutrient. At CIAT in Colombia a bean variety () BAT477 was identified as being highly efficient for phosphorus utilization, in contrast DOR364 was inefficient. These bean cultivars were crossed and their progeny has been back crossed at CIAT, the resulting progeny (RILS) are available and are being analyzed in an international project. We have analyzed BAT477, DOR364 and some RILs symbiotic bacteria and found that cultivars select different populations. It would be interesting to explore how this characteristic segregates.

Environmental and Symbiotic Microbiology Group