Search for the presence of site-specific recombination systems...

Search for the presence of site-specific recombination systems, similar to the one we found on R. etli CFN42 plasmids, on other Rhizobiacea.

Our previous work has shown the participation of a site-specific recombination in the formation or resolution of cointegrates between the symbiotic plasmid and a smaller, self-transmissible plasmid. These cointegrates are important to achieve conjugative transfer of the pSym. Our work will continue with the search of similar elements on other Rhizobiaceae. This work will contribute to a better understanding of the role of plasmids in the rhizobial life cycle, through the knowledge of plasmid encoded functions, and of the mechanisms that contribute to the distribution of symbiotic plasmids and the elements and conditions that control these processes.

Participants: Laura Cervantes, Alejandro García, David Romero, Susana Brom
Genome Engineering Program