Functional characterization of regulatory networks in Rhizobium etli.

The general goal of this research line is to contribute to the understanding of the regulatory networks that control genetic expression in R. etli in response to different external signals during free life and symbiosis. An integrative global regulatory model requires the identification of target genes for a certain transcriptional factor and the characterization of the molecular mechanisms that participate in its expression. Focused in new ORFs identified in the R. etli complete genome sequence, the objectives of my research include:

  1. Characterization of additional regulatory elements for fix genes in R. etli. (Participant: Manuel Granados)
  2. Analysis of R. etli FixL-FixJ-like proteins as members of putative two-component regulatory systems. (Participant: Cristian Arriaga)
  3. Functional characterization of the global mechanism used by R. etli to respond to the presence of nitrogen oxides. (Participant: Nicolás Gómez)
  4. Evaluation of the participation of FNR-type regulators present in the R.etli genome as regulatory proteins of the bacterial response to different environmental conditions. (Participant: Analilia Arroyo)


Dra. Lourdes Girard Cuesy
Manuel Granados
Cristian Arriaga
Nicolás Gómez
Analilia Arroyo

Evolutionary Genomics Program