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Implementa un metodo nuevo para construir phylogenias de DNA

PHYML is a software implementing a new method for building phylogenies from DNA and protein sequences using maximum likelihood.

Data sets can be analysed under several models of evolution (JC69, K80, F81, F84, HKY85, TN93 and GTR for nucleotides and Dayhoff, JTT, mtREV, WAG, DCMut, RtREV, CpREV, VT, Blosum62 and MtMam for amino acids). A discrete-gamma model (Yang, 1994) is implemented to accommodate rate variation among sites. Invariable sites can also be taken into account.

PHYML has been compared to several other softwares using extensive simulations. The results indicate that its topological accuracy is at least as high as that of fastDNAml, while being much faster.