Potential core species and satellite species in the bacterial communitywithin the rabbit caecum

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16 Sep 2008
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Val ´ erie Monteils
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A bacteria library was constructed from the caecum of a rabbit maintained under
standard conditions. The complete gene 16S rRNA gene was sequenced. The 228
clones obtained were distributed in 70 operational taxonomic units (OTUs). The
large majority of the OTUs were composed of one or two clones and seven OTUs
contained half of the sequences. Fourteen sequences had high similarity to the
sequence already registered in databases (threshold of 97%). Only one of these
sequences has been identified as Variovorax sp. (99% identity). Units were
distributed mainly (94%) in the Firmicutes phylum. Three sequences were related
to Bacteroidetes. Nine clusters were defined in the phylogenic tree. A great diversity
of caecal bacteria of the rabbit was shown. Half of the sequences generated in this
library were distributed in the phylogenetic tree near the sequences characterized
previously in rabbit caecum (potential core species), and the other half of the
sequences were well separated (satellite species

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Vale´ rie Monteils, ENSAT,
UMR Tandem, Avenue de l’Agrobiopole, BP
32607, 31326 Castanet Tolosan Cedex,
France. Tel.: 133 5 62 19 39 09; fax: 133 5
62 19 39 01; e-mail:

digestive ecosystem; caecum; bacteria; molecular library; rabbit; phylogeny.

Laurent Cauquil, Sylvie Combes,  Jean-Jacques Godon Thierry