Genetic divergence and phylogenetic analysis of genus Jatropha based on nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS sequence

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6 Nov 2008
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D. V. N. Sudheer Pamidimarri
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Abstract The genus Jatropha belongs to the family
Euphorbiaceae having significant economic importance.
The present investigation was undertaken with an aim to
understand phylogenetic relationships among seven species
(J. curcas, J. glandulifera, J. gossypifolia, J. integerrima,
J. multifida, J. podagrica, and J. tanjorensis.) which are
widely distributed in India, using nuclear ribosomal DNA
ITS sequence (nrDNA ITS) and to compare the results with
multilocus marker analysis systems reported earlier for the
same genus. The size variation obtained among sequenced
nrDNA ITS regions was narrow and ranged from 647 to
654 bp. The overall mean genetic distance (GD) of genus
Jatropha was found to be 0.385. Highest interspecific GD
(0.419) was found between J. glandulifera and J. multifida.
The least interspecific GD (0.085) was found between
J. gossypifolia and J. tanjorensis. The highest intraspecific
GD was observed in J. podagrica (0.011) and least in
J. gossypifolia (0.002). The phylogram obtained using
nrDNA ITS sequence showed congruence with the
phylograms obtained using multilocus markers system
reported earlier with minor variations. The present
study also strongly supports high phylogentic closeness of
J. curcas and J. integerrima. The only exception found was
J. podagrica which clustered with J. multifida in earlier
based on multilocus marker analysis, was clustered with
J. curcas in the present analysis. The sequence data generated
in the present investigation will help for further
studies in intraspecies population, and their phylogentic
analysis, biogeographical, molecular evolution studies and
also pave way for future phylogetic and/or evolution
studies among the other groups belongs to the family

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D. V. N. Sudheer Pamidimarri  M. P. Reddy (&)
Discipline of Wasteland Research, Central Salt and Marine
Chemicals Research Institute (CSIR), G. B. Marg, Bhavnagar,
Gujarat 364002, India
B. Chattopadhyay
Department of Animal Behaviour and Physiology, School of
Biological Science, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai,
Tamilnadu 625021, India

Genetic divergence ; Phylogeny ; Jatropha ; nrDNA ITS region

Balaji Chattopadhyay
Muppala P. Reddy

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