Kinetics of microbial growth with mixtures of carbon sources

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1 Ene 1993
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Thomas Egli
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Several investigations have shown that during growth in carbon-limited chemostats the simultaneous utilisation

of carbon substrates which usually provoke diauxie under batch conditions, Le., 'mixed substrate

growth', is probably the rule under ecologically relevant growth conditions. In contrast, the models presently

available for the description of the kinetics of microbial growth are all based on the use of single substrates.

Systematic studies in chemostat culture have shown that steady-state residual concentrations of individual

compounds were consistently lower during mixed substrate growth than during growth with the single sub.

strates. This effect is c1early demonstrated for the case of Escherichia coli growing with mixtures of glucose

. plus galactose. The data presented indicate that the extent of reduction of steady-state residual substrate

concentration is dependent on the proportions of the substrates in the mixture, the nature of substrates mixed

and the regulation pattern of enzymes involved in their breakdown. If this behaviour can be shown to be

typical for growth under environmental conditions, it may provide an explanation why microbes still grow

relatively fast at the low substrate concentrations encountered in nature.

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Swiss Federal lnstitute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG) and Swiss Federal lnstitute of

Technology (ETH), Überlandstrasse 133, CH-8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

carbon limitation
Escherichia coli
growth kinetics

Urs Lendenmann  and Mario Snozzi

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