Direct gene transfer to plants

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Jerzy Paszkowski
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Evidence for direct, gene-mediated stable genetic transformation

of plant cells of Nicotiana tabacum is presented. A selectable

hybrid gene comprising the protein coding region of the

Tn5 aminoglycoside phosphotransferase type II gene under

control of cauliflower mosaic virus gene VI expression signals

was introduced into plant protoplasts as part of an Escherichia

coli plasmid. The gene was stably integrated into plant

genomic DNA and constitutively expressed in selected, drugresistant,

protoplast-derived cell clones. The mode of integration

of the foreign gene into the plant genome resembled that

observed for DNA transfection of mammalian cells. Plants

regenerated from transformed cell lines were phenotypically

normal and fertile, and they maintained and expressed the

foreign gene throughout the development of vegetative and

generative organs. Microspores, grown in anther culture,

developed into resistant and sensitive haploid plantlets.

Genetic crossing analysis of one of the transformed plants

revealed the presence of one dominant trait for kanamycin

resistance segregating in a Mendelian fashion in the F1


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Friedrich Miescher-Institut, P.O. Box 2543, CH4002 Basel, Switzerland

Communicated by Barbara Hohn

selectable marker genes ; plant protoplast transformation;recombinant DNA ; plant tissue culture

Raymond D. Shillito, Michael Saul,

Vaclav Mandak, Thomas Hohn, Barbara Hohn and

Ingo Potrykus

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