Enzyme-Catalyzed, Gas-Phase Reactions

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27 Feb 1987
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Dehydrated preparations of alcohol oxidase adsorbed on DEAE-cellulose vigorously catalyze a gas-phase oxidation of ethanol vapors with molecular oxygen. The gas-phase reaction is strongly dependent on the water activity of the system. The enzymatic activity is severely inhibited by the product hydrogen peroxide. This inhibition can be alleviated, however, by an addition of catalase or peroxidase to the dry preparation. Such dehydrated, bienzymic catalysts afford a complete and selective conversion of the substrate to acetaldehyde. Dry alcohol oxidase is much more thermostable than in aqueous solution. The results of this work suggest that dehydrates enzymes have potential applications in the analysis of gaseous compounds and in the development of novel gas-solid bioreactors.

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Department of Applied Biological Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139


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Eduardo Barzana; Alexander M. Klibanov; and Marcus Karel

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