Papers Navarro, Yendi

  1. Copia de 454 pyrosequencing-based characterization in a well stablished nitrifying reactor
  2. Copia de 16S Metagenomics reveals changes in the soil community driven by soil C_cc
  3. Copia de 16S rDNA-based identification of bacteria in postoperative endophthalmitis byPCR-DGGEfingerprinting
  4. Copia de Anthurium_31_321_cc
  5. Copia de Archaeal and bacterial community structure in anaerobic digestion reactor biogas production
  6. Copia de Archaeal_communities_in_a_heterogeneous_cc
  7. Copia de Bacterial colonization of a fumigated alkaline saline soil
  8. Copia de Bacterial communities associated with the rhizosphere of pioneer plants growing on heavy metals-contaminated soils
  9. Copia de Bacterial communities in soil under moss and lichen-moss crusts
  10. Copia de Bacterial community strctr in maize residue amended soil
  11. Copia de Bacterial community structure in fumigated soil
  12. Copia de Bacterial indicator taxa in soils under different long-term agricultural management_cc
  13. Copia de Bacterial_community_structure_within_activated_reactor_phenolic_compounds
  14. Copia de Changes in the bacterial community structure in stored wormbed leachate
  15. Copia de Deforestation and cultivation with maize has a profound effect on the bacterial community and soil characteristics
  16. Copia de Identification of amylase by random and specific mutagenesis of Texcoconibacillus texcoconensis 13CCT strain isolated from extreme alkaline-saline soil of the former Lake Texcoco (Mexico)
  17. Copia de Incorporation of bean plant residue in soil with different agricultural practices and its effect on the soil bacteria_cc
  18. Copia de Isolation and characterization of nitrogen fixing heterotrophic bacteria from the rhizosphere of pioneer plants growing on mine tailings
  19. Copia de MicrobEcol_Magali_cc
  20. Copia de Microbial biofilms on the sandstone monuments of the Angkor Wat complex, Cambodia
  21. Copia de Microbial_community_structure_aerobic_fluffy_granules_formed_sequencing_batch_reactor_supplied_4-chlorophenol_different_settling_times
  22. Copia de Modifications of bacterial populations in anthracene contaminated soil
  23. Copia de POne_0160991_Laura_AnthracenoPDF
  24. Copia de Pyrosequencing analysis of the bacterial community in drinking water wells
  25. Copia de Reducing salinity by flooding an extreme alkaline saline soil changes the bacterial community but its effect on the archaeal community is limited_cc
  26. Copia de Relative impacts of tillage, residue management and crop-rotation on soil bacterial communities in a semi-arid agroecosystem
  27. Copia de Salinity controls relative abundance
  28. Copia de Soil_salinity_controls-relative_abundance_decomposition_maize
  29. Copia de The bacterial community sctructure and microbial activity in a traditional organic milpa
  30. Copia de The bacterial community structure in an alkaline saline soil spiked with anthracene