Friends of CCG - Motivation and purpose

Our enthusiasm for the project of Friends of CCG stems from the very positive and encouraging responses that we have obtained from many colleagues who have visited our Center as part of the program on Frontiers in Genomics since 2005.

The purpose of this initiative is to promote the exchange of people, such as postdoctoral fellows and students, both for visitors from abroad to come to visit our Center as well as for our investigators to go  abroad, and to pursue in the best possible way moving our research towards the frontier in genomics.

We are also interested in facilitating collaborations, finding ways to increase funding and enhancing the impact and quality of research and education performed at the Center for Genomic Sciences at UNAM.
Here is a list of possible mechanisms that our Friends can help our community:

1. We are particularly interested in getting applications for postdoctoral positions at our Center from Universities of excellence.

- 1.1  Distribute the announcements that we could send you. Alternatively, if adequate, they could send us appropriate mailing lists of students or people to target directly.
- 1.2 Establish collaborations and share postdoctoral fellows from your lab who would spend a year at the Center for Genomics on a collaborative project.

2. Based on specific projects, we may invite them to participate in the tutorial committee of a Ph.D. student at our Center via videoconference.

3. Being a member of FRIENDS OF CCG would also mean that they may get applications from our Ph.D. or undergraduate students looking for short visits, Ph.D training  or postdoctoral positions, respectively. They may want to let us know of funding opportunities for those interested and we would add this information to this or a new site for students to look into.

4. Participate in moving genomic research at the CCG towards more significant contributions in genomics. This is not simple, but, for instance:
- 4.1 We could have some of our PhD students work in joint research projects, designed both by colleagues at CCG and some of them.  
- 4.2. We could also get their input in grant applications to be submitted to international agencies.


Welcome to this new international initiative of CCG !

Julio Collado
Director of CCG
February 16, 2009.

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