Interactions between Pro- and Eukaryotes Group

Formación de nuevos lípidos de membrana en rizobia bajo condiciones de estrés

Principal investigator: Christian Sohlenkamp

Participants: Otto Geiger, Isabel María López-Lara, Miguel Angel Vences-Guzmán

Post-genomic studies in Sinorhizobium meliloti directed to discover new biosynthesis pathways related to beta-ketide formation

Post-genomic studies in Sinorhizobium meliloti directed to discover new biosynthesis pathways related to beta-ketide formation

Participants: Otto Geiger, Christian Sohlenkamp, Ana Laura Ramos-Vega, Yadira Dávila-Martínez, Sandra Leticia Beltrán-Escobar

Biosynthesis of choline-derived bacterial cell surface components...

Biosynthesis of choline-derived bacterial cell surface components: an essential requirement for the success of many pathogenic bacteria


Principal investigator: Otto Geiger

Grupo de Interacciones entre Pro- y Eucariotes

Investigador Responsable Otto Geiger, Ph.D.

The research group

By the time this Research Group joined the Nitrogen Fixation Research Center in 1999, the laboratory of Otto Geiger had discovered the phosphatidylcholine synthase pathway, which constitutes a major route for phosphatidylcholine (lecithine) formation in bacteria. This finding started a research line aimed to understand how molecules of the bacterial membrane or cell surface modify defense responses of eukaryotic hosts thus allowing long-lasting or permanent infections which can lead to symbiotic or pathogenic interactions with the host.


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