Evolutionary Genomics Program


# Año Ficha Ligas
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Programa de Genómica Evolutiva


En el Programa de Genómica Evolutiva estamos interesados en estudiar los mecanismos de evolución de las bacterias desde los puntos de vista de la biología molecular, de la biología de sistemas, y de la genómica. Estamos especialmente interesados en bacterias que pueden establecer interacciones simbióticas y patogénicas con otros organismos. Nuestro Programa se compone de cuatro grupos de investigación dirigidos por el Dr. Santiago Castillo, el Dr. Julio Freyre, el Dr. Víctor González y el Dr. Miguel Ángel Cevallos. Una de las labores más importantes de nuestro Programa es la formación de recursos humanos especialmente de doctores, dentro del programa de Ciencias Biomédicas de la UNAM. Sin embargo, apoyamos a todos los estudiantes de licenciatura que deseen realizar su tesis bajo la dirección de alguno de nosotros.

Functional characterization of regulatory networks in Rhizobium etli.

The general goal of this research line is to contribute to the understanding of the regulatory networks that control genetic expression in R. etli in response to different external signals during free life and symbiosis. An integrative global regulatory model requires the identification of target genes for a certain transcriptional factor and the characterization of the molecular mechanisms that participate in its expression. Focused in new ORFs identified in the R. etli complete genome sequence, the objectives of my research include:

Evolution of Cell Organelles Genomes

In eucaryotic cells there are two important organelles, mitochondria and plastids, which produce the energy and synthesize substances for cell metabolism respectively. These organelles are compartmentalized by two layers of membrane, have multiple copies of its genome, and are inherited in non-Mendelian fashion. It is now accepted that these organelles were originated from ancient endosymbionts of eukaryotic cell. Therefore, the genetic information from organelle genomes can provide an independent view of the phylogeny of their host organisms.

Microevolutionary Genomics of Rhizobium etli .

Earlier genetic population studies pointed out that R. etli has high diversity levels as measured by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis. There are also differences in plasmid number and size. Recently, we obtain the complete genome sequence of R. etli CFN42. This strain contains six large plasmids and a circular chromosome that together account for 6, 530, 234 bp. In this context, we want to evaluate the levels of molecular variation among strains of R. etli, to answer the following questions: