Rhizobial diversity in Los Tuxtlas FAO-GEF project

Participants: Ernesto Ormeño, Lourdes Lloret, Marco Antonio Rogel, Aline López, Julio Martínez, Pablo Vinuesa, Esperanza Martinez Romero.


Mexico is among the countries with the highest deforestation rates. Around 65% of forest in Los Tuxtlas , Veracruz , Mexico have been tilled. The rhizobia from Los Tuxtlas soil were obtained from nodules of trap plants, Vigna unguiculata, Macroptilum atropurpureum and Phaseolus vulgaris . From around 250 isolates dnaK or rrs gene sequences were determined. A large diversity was revealed and the effects of deforestation on rhizobial diversity are being assessed. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1. Rhizobial diversity of the rainforest of Los Tuxtlas , Veracruz , Mexico and tilled areas is being studied.
Environmental and Symbiotic Microbiology Group