Susana Brom Klanner

Genome Engineering Researcher

Associate Professor

Academic history

Name: Susana Brom Klanner (Associate Professor).

Academic history
Undergraduate (B Sc.): Basic Biomedical Research, U.N.A.M. 1980.
Isolation and characterization of mutations in the glnA region of the E. coli K12 chromosome.
Masters (M Sc.): Basic Biomedical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1982. Characterization of mutations in the glnA region of the E. coli K12 chromosome

Ph.D.Basic Biomedical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1988.
Analisis of symbiotic plasmids in Rhizobium phaseoli.

Initial research position
Assistant professor, Nitrogen Fixation Research Center, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1983- 1993

Research line
Rhizobium are gram negative bacteria, able to form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of leguminous plants. Specifically, Rhizobium etli interacts with the roots of Phaseolus vulgaris (beans). The genome of the R. etli type strain CFN42 consists of a chromosome and 6 plasmids, varying in size between 180 and 600 Kb. We are interested in:

1- Further analyzing the functions encoded on plasmids. Previously we have found that plasmid encoded information is required for functions such as optimal competitive capacity for nodulation, saprophytic growth, lipopolysaccharide production, and one of the plasmids even seems to contain information which is indispensable for survival.
2- Analyzing the different mechanisms that contribute to symbiotic plasmid transfer, and their regulation.
3- Search for the presence of site-specific recombination systems, similar to the one we found on R. etli CFN42 plasmids; on other Rhizobiacea.

This work will contribute to a better understanding of the role of plasmids in the rhizobial life cycle, through the knowledge of plasmid encoded functions, and of the mechanisms that contribute to the distribution of symbiotic plasmids and the elements and conditions that control these processes.


My work has contributed to the description of associated functions in plasmids of Rhizobium. Also, we have found that different strains of Rhizobium etli, share the localization on plasmids of some specific characteristics, independent of their geographic origin. Rhizobium strains from belonging to other species do not share this trait, even if they are able to nodulate bean.
We have described the regulatory mechanism of the conjugative transfer of a cryptic plasmid from R. etli (p42a).
We have studied the transfer capacity of symbiotic plasmid of R. etli CFN42. We have found two different mechanisms, one of them involves the cointegration of the symbiotic with another plasmid through a site specific recombination system. The resolution of the cointegrates sometimes leads to the generation of new symbiotic plasmids.

Present research position

Associate professor, Center of Genomic Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Undergraduate: 11 courses
Masters: 10 courses
Ph.D.: 7 courses.

* Gabino Barreda medal, for undergraduate studies, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1980.
* Honorific Mention in Undergraduate professional exam. National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1980.
Honorific Mention in Masters professional exam. National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1982.
* Gabino Barreda medal, for Ph.D. studies, National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1990.
* Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz medal for research contributions, 2005.



Telephone: (777) 3291691


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