Sergio Manuel Encarnación Guevara

Functional Genomics of Prokaryotes Researcher

Full Professor

Academic history

Sergio Encarnación Guevara obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry Biology and Parasitology, a M.Sc. in Parasitology, and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Research at the UNAM. Upon graduation he was postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at Harvard University.
He has been part of the Center for Genomic Sciences (formerly the Research Center for Nitrogen Fixation) since 1988. He is a Professor in the area of Functional Genomics (Investigador Titular C), currently serves as Head of the Proteomics Laboratory at CCG and is National Scientist Level 3. His pioneer work contributed to the development the functional genomics in bacterial proteomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics.
He was trained in the laboratory of Frederick Neidhardt, who was a pioneer in proteomics. After completing his training, he initiated with his advisor, Dr. Jaime Mora, the first laboratory of proteomics founded in México. They published the first works in proteomics reported by a Mexican group. He also pioneered in transcriptomics by designing and building the first microarray of a complete genome in México (Rhizobium etli).

He currently has more than 70 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as over 16 chapters in books. Dr. EncarnacióN-Guevara has presented conferences at the principal international congresses in his area and participated as a member of editorial and national and international scientific evaluation committees. He is also a founding member of the Mexican Genomics Society and founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the North American Metabolomics Society, and is currently President of the Mexican Proteomics Society.

He was very recently invited by the H-CPP of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) to lead and organize the Mexican team that is currently participating in the Human Proteome project with emphasis on the proteomic analysis of chromosome 19.
He has served UNAM as a member of different university councils and evaluating committees. Dr. EncarnacióN-Guevara has mentored several undergraduate and graduate students; some of his former students are posdocs or investigators in Mexico (UNAM, UAEM), Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, and Scotland.
Major research interests of his lab include cancer proteomics, tumoral dynamics, miRNAs, quantitative proteomics and posttranslational modifications of proteins, particularly phosphorylation and acetylation.



Telephone: (777) 3291899


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