Rafael Peña Miller

Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology Laboratory Researcher

Associate Professor




Telephone: (777) 3291686
Email: rpm@ccg.unam.mx


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2014San Millan, A., Pena-Miller, R., Toll-Riera, M., Halbert, Z. V., McLean, A. R., Cooper, B. S., MacLean, R. C. (2014) Positive selection and compensatory adaptation interact to stabilize non-transmissible plasmids Nature Communications 5():5208-5208 [doi:10.1038/ncomms6208]25302567
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2014Peña-Miller, R., Fuentes-Hernandez, A., Reding, C., Gudelj, I., Beardmore, R. (2014) Testing the optimality properties of a dual antibiotic treatment in a two-locus, two-allele model Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 11(96):20131035-20131035 [doi:10.1098/rsif.2013.1035]24812050