Scientific Outreach

Major applications derived from basic research include a reforestation program in the State of Morelos, as well as the licensing of biofertilizers with Rhizobium and Azospirillum that are already used in large areas of bean and maize cultivation in our country.
The Center has participated for some years in a program of the Morelos Academy of Science to educate junior high school and high school teachers of the State of Morelos. The impact has been an increased performance in science of young students in the state.
Professors at the Center participate with teachers of the National High School (Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, ENP-UNAM) in order to generate educational material and bring genomics and bioinformatics to high school students.
Almost two years ago, we initiated a series of seminars on "Frontiers in Genomics" bringing to Cuernavaca highly distinguished professors from abroad, who teach a seminar -- accessible nationwide via teleconference --.
Incidentally, the opinions of these colleagues about our undergraduates in genomics have been systematically excellent. "Frontiers in Genomics" has been supported jointly by the Center for Genomic Sciences, the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences, the Institute of Biotechnology, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the General Direction for Affairs of Academic Staff at UNAM (DGAPA).


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