María Esperanza Martínez Romero

Ecological Genomics Researcher

Full Professor

Academic history

Dr. Maria Esperanza Martinez Romero got her Bachelor, Masters, and Ph. D. degrees in Biomedical Research at the UNAM. She completed a post-doctorate in France at the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) of Toulouse and two sabbatical stays at the University of California. She is a researcher at the Genomic Sciences Center of the UNAM in Cuernavaca. She serves as coordinator of the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences of the UNAM in Cuernavaca.
She studies the beneficial bacteria associated with plants, not only from a basic aspect but also in search of applications. She published a Manual addressed to farmers on the use of biofertilizers. She has given a large number of lectures on the use of biofertilizers to farmers and she participated in the Produce Biofertilization program. Her studies on symbiosis also include animal microbiomes, especially of some insects native to Mexico. She has studied their endosymbionts, which are inherited from mothers to offspring, have reduced genomes, and produce vitamins and essential amino acids for their hosts.
Dr. Martínez has presented conferences at the principal international congresses in her area and participated as a member of editorial committees of international journals and national and international scientific evaluation committees. She is a graduate and postgraduate professor. Among the recognitions that Dr. Martinez has received are the Distinction of the National University for Young Academics (1996), Research Award in Natural Sciences of the Mexican Academy of Sciences (1997), Juana Ramírez de Asbaje Award from UNAM (2003), National University Award for Research in Natural Sciences (2005), AgroBio Prize (2011) and REMEI (2014) for her outstanding career in research. She was recognized as Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century (2006-2008).



Telephone: (777) 3131697


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