José Utrilla Carreri

Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology Laboratory Researcher

Assistant Professor

Academic history

Dr. José Utrilla Carreri is a Biochemical Engineer, he did a PhD in the metabolic engineering group of the IBt-UNAM. He is an expert in metabolic engineering, systems and synthetic biology.
He has developed bacterial production strains and applied in bioprocesses at pilot scale with the collaboration of Mexican companies. He carried out a posdoctoc at the systems biology research group (SBRG) at University of California in San Diego under Prof. Bernhard O. Palsson supervision, there he studied the genotype-phenotype relations in laboratory evolved Escherichia coli strains using genome-scale computational modeling. On november 2014 he started a position as a Associated Researcher in the UNAM Center for Genomic Sciences. He is a member of the national researcher sistem (Level I), and he is a professor in the Genomic Sciences undergraduate program, a tutor in the Biomedical Sciences graduate program and he is currently supervising bachelors, masters and doctorate thesis. Dr. Utrilla´s specific research topics include the design of genome scale computational tools to guide the optimization of microbial cell factories. The design of synthetic phenotypes through the engineering of the regulatory network. The engineering of the Escherichia coli´s transcription and translation machinery to allocate cellular resources to synthetic biology applications. Dr. Jose Utrilla is also involved in several collaborations to develop new bacterial production chassis, multiscale synthetic biology applications and alternative carbon source utilization for sustainable biobased chemical production.


Thomson Reuters ResearcherID

Telephone: (777) 3291686


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