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Aquaculture Research

Determination of microbial community structures of

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1 Jan 2008
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Aquaculture Research
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Zhi Yong Ju1
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Simple, rapid and reliable methods are required to

monitor the microbial community change in aquatic

pond for better animal performance. Four £oc (suspended

organic matter) samples were collected from

outdoor raceways and tanks used for culturing

Paci¢c white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. Twentytwo

chlorophyll (Chl) and carotenoid pigments were

separated, identi¢ed and quanti¢ed using highperformance

liquid chromatography^ultraviolet/Vismass

spectrometry in the freeze-dried £oc samples.

Algal communitycomposition (diatoms, chlorophytes,

cyanobacteria, dino£agellates and cryptophytes) was

determined by measuring concentrations of the respective

taxonomic biomarkers (carotenoid fucoxanthin,

lutein, zeaxanthin, peridinin and alloxanthin)

as independent variables and Chl a as the dependent

variable using a multiple regression model. This analysis

found that the phytoplankton community of

the £oc samples from two groups of shrimp tanks

(32 g L1-salinity) were diatom-dominated (81.7%

and 84.4%); and two ’oc samples from shrimp raceways

(5 and 18 g L1-salinity) were chlorophytedominated

(75.4% and 82.3%). Assessment of total

algal and bacterial biomass by quanti‘cation of Chl

a and muramic acid, respectively, indicated thatthe 18 g L1-salinity raceway sample was bacteriadominated,

whereas the other three ’oc samples

were algae-dominated. Sample protein quality was

evaluated by its essential amino acid (AA) score and

index. Arginine and lysine were found to be the two

most limiting AAs for all ’oc samples.

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Oceanic Institute, 41-202 Kalanianaole Hwy,Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795, USA.

E-mail: zyju@oceanicinstitute.org


Ian Forster, Lytha Conquest,Warren Dominy,Wenhao Cedric Kuo ,

Floyd David Horgen