Evolutionary Genomics Research Program

Research interest: Bacterial genomics and evolution.

Program Overview

The aim of the Evolutionary Genomics Program (EGP) is to contribute to understand the molecular evolutionary process that led to the symbiosis. It is also interested in the mechanisms of replication and incompatibility mong the plasmids of Rhizobium, and to know the mechanisms of gene expression of Rhizobium in a variety of conditions. Our model system is the symbiosis between Rhizobium etli and the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). We use distinct approaches, from the DNA sequence to the bioinformatics analysis, and from the genetics to the molecular biology, in the context of the theory of evolution. The EGP has the most important infrastructure in DNA sequencing in the UNAM.

The EGP is pioneer in Mexico in the field of DNA sequencing and analysis since its foundation in 1992. The laboratory has produced the first complete genome sequence of a bacterial organism, R. etli, done by Mexican researchers.