Suscripciones a revistas

No. Nombre Impresa En línea Vigente
1 Science Si Si Si
2 Journal of Computational Biology Si Si Si
3 Genome Research Si Si Si
4 Functional and Integrative Genomics Si Si Si
5 Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions Si Si Si
6 International Journal of Systematic and evolutionary microbiology No Si Si
7 Bioinformatics Si Si Si
8 Forensic Science International Si No Si
9 Briefings in bioinformatics No No No
10 Briefings in functional genomics and proteomics No No No
11 Electrophoresis Si Si Si
12 Critical reviews in microbiology Si Si Si
13 Molecular Biology and evolution Si Si Si
14 Molecular ecology Si Si Si
15 Molecular microbiology No No No
16 Scientific American Si No Si
17 Issues in science and technology Si Si Si
18 Journal of bioinformatics and computacional biology Si No Si
19 Current genomics No Si Si
20 Critical reviews in plant sciences No Si Si
21 Canadian Journal of microbiology No Si
22 Quarterly review of biology Si Si Si
23 Nature Si Si Si
24 Bioessays Si Si Si
25 Journal of plant physiology No Si Si